• Indianapolis, IN (December 5, 2016) – E&A Companies is pleased to announce the successful divestiture of ConTech Lighting (www.con-techlighting.com), a leading Chicago-based manufacturer of high-performance and sustainable lighting solutions and fixtures, to New York based Leviton (www.leviton.com). E&A Companies was represented by the Industrials team at Wells Fargo Investment Bank.

    E&A Companies acquired ConTech Lighting in 1998. Chairman of E&A Companies, Al Hubbard, said he is proud of what ConTech Lighting team has accomplished over the last 18 years. “ConTech Lighting President John Ranshaw and Vice President Tim Brennan led a team of talented people that took a small importer of light fixtures and turned it into a large, engineering-driven light fixture company on the leading edge of LED technology,” said Hubbard. “We are delighted to see Leviton embrace the company’s success and proud that ConTech Lighting and its employees will be associated with such a highly respected and successful family-owned company.”

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