We’re businesspeople who, since 1977, have enjoyed a track record of working alongside entrepreneurs to help companies reach their true potential.

One of our most recent successes came from helping to take Udi’s Gluten Free Foods from $6 million in sales to more than $100 million—in just two and a half years. We’re extremely proud of that accomplishment.


We pride ourselves on knowing how to effectively operate companies. We understand how to accelerate strengths and bridge gaps in an organization by utilizing a fairly simple, extremely hands-on process. Central to this process—and a key to our success—is our sense of urgency and our ability to make decisions quickly.

We work daily with the leaders of the company to take the business to the next level by focusing on long-term value creation. Our philosophy runs counter to the buy-and-flip approach exercised by most firms.


If you’ve built a successful company—and have a strong customer following to go with it—this could be a good time for us to open a dialogue.

Many owners ask about our typical exit timing. The fact is, there is no “typical.” We continue to add value until we and the owner agree the time is right for a sale. We have no fixed expectations.